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Out with the old, in with the new for a family owned company

Since 1974, DeLuca & Hartman Construction, of Waukesha, Wisconsin has been in business providing landscape and snow removal services for industrial and commercial properties, along with a growing business maintaining and repairing parking lots with asphalt or concrete surfaces. Owner Mario DeLuca Sr. has a long history of building the family business, being frugal and only buying new equipment when necessary.

To maintain its edge, the company needs a partner who can supply construction equipment that clearly lives up to these values. And Wacker Neuson has proven the perfect match. The two companies have been working very closely for the past ten years. Jakob Bau is continually expanding its pool of equipment, recently adding the Wacker Neuson 14504 excavator to its stock.

Jakob Bau was looking for an excavator that could give it the flexibility to go beyond conventional excavation work and perform a whole range of other tasks. In other words, it wanted a particularly powerful excavator with an extremely compact footprint. 
With its tail-swing console and 2.5 m working width, Wacker Neuson’s 14504 excavator soon emerged as the winner. “I knew from the get-go that we could again rely on Wacker Neuson for the right solution,” explains Berthold Jakob, owner of Jakob Bau.

The 14504 has an operating weight of 14 tons, which is distributed over a very compact frame measuring just 2.79 meters high and 2.49 meters wide. Thanks to its tail-swing console, the 14-ton excavator can easily move other equipment, effortlessly shifting a 1.5-ton trench roller within a trench, for example, thus practically eliminating unnecessary maneuvering work. “This is what sets the Wacker Neuson 14504 apart from other excavators in its class,” explains Ralph Amberger, Wacker Neuson sales rep for the Augsburg region. “One of our current development projects involves laying utility lines for a housing construction site in the Augsburg district of Pfersee.

A lot of our work has to be done in confined spaces – which is where the 14504 really comes into its own, delivering enormous power and performance,” continues Berthold Jakob.
To connect utilities, the company’s first task was to lay concrete pipes. To do this, it used Wacker Neuson’s 14504 and 75Z3 compact excavators. 

The company also used a Wacker Neuson WL 48 wheel loader for a wide range of other tasks, including the transport of excavated material. “We rely on Wacker Neuson for compact equipment as well as compression and demolition machinery. Their products are simply the best fit for us. Years of experience have proven that these machines are extremely reliable and deliver uncompromisingly high quality – day in, day out,” reports Berthold Jakob.
“We have been working on this construction site since 2007 and are also involved in many other projects. We cannot afford any bottlenecks so I have to be able to rely one hundred percent on both my team and my fleet,” continues Berthold Jakob. “Wacker Neuson’s range of products meets all of our process needs. The Wacker Neuson branch office in Augsburg is my number one contact and always there for me should any issues arise. That’s what makes Wacker Neuson so special for me.”

Wacker Neuson has around seventy sales and service stations in Germany. Proximity to customers and optimum service and support are a top priority for the construction equipment manufacturer. Jakob Bau first turned to Wacker Neuson over 10 years ago when he was drawn to the company’s extensive rental offering – a service he still uses in busy periods. 
“Even back then, I instantly trusted Wacker Neuson on the strength of its massively reliable service offering. Today, I also source my machines from the company and regard it as a trusted site advisor,” explains Berthold Jakob.

The mid-sized construction company specializes in over- and underground construction and demolition projects.