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High Capacity Bucket with Cutting Edge

High Capacity Bucket with Cutting Edge
High capacity bucket with pre-drilled holes for bolt on edge and side cutters. Bucket has a higher back allowing for more capacity to move more volume of material and scoop more heavy material for moving and loading.
  • Bucket widths range from 75-inches (1905 mm) to 84-inches (2134 mm); Capacity range from 0.78 yd³ (0.60 m³) to 1.5 yd³ (1.147 m³)
  • Various sizes and edge hole patterns for common bolt-on wear edges available to assist in your job requirements
  • Heavy-duty construction for long operating life
  • Standard tooth bars fit over bolt-on edge wear edges available
Please note that product availability can vary from country to country. It is possible that information / products may not be available in your country.