Wheeled excavator offers excellent mobility: 6503

The 6503 wheeled excavator offers impressive power and speed matched with simple operation. The unit's compact size, speed and mobility make it the ideal machine for a variety of applications that require the excavator to move around the job site or to and from the job site in urban areas. The unit saves time and money because it does not need to transported on a truck.
  • Travels speed up to 19 mph/30 kph provides convenient transportation in urban areas.
  • Dual tires and four-wheel drive offer smooth, comfortable ride, ensure stability and allow the unit to maneuver on rough terrain.
  • Proportional control auxiliary hydraulics are operated by an electric valve and tip switch on the joystick for smooth work with attachments.
  • Large ergonomically-designed cab for maximum comfort and productivity
  • Tiltable cabin for easy accessibility to all maintenance components.
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